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The following is a listing of clinical providers in the state of Arkansas with specialty services available for patients with Down syndrome.
It was created primarily as an informational tool, not necessarily as a referral or services rating.


UAMS Adult Medical Genetics / Down Syndrome Clinic

In UAMS' comprehensive Down syndrome clinic, medical assessment by geneticist and family doctor, Kent McKelvey, M.D., is accompanied by a TeamTreatmentTM assessment of each patient's needs regarding physical therapy, social work, behavior and diet.

UAMS provides individualized care, no matter how severe or mild the condition. Because of challenges in diagnosing complex physical and behavioral problems, extra time is set aside to ensure that their Down syndrome patients receive all the attention they need. And if you live outside the Little Rock area, their doctors will establish a unique health care plan for each patient in partnership with the hometown physician.

Using UAMS' medical genetics clinic in Little Rock for in-person exams along with Arkansas' extensive telemedicine infrastructure, they can facilitate care and improve access to subspecialists for their patients across Arkansas and the region. Using these resources along with UAMS' electronic medical record system, they have created a "home base" for people with questions regarding their unique genetic syndrome.

UAMS' Down syndrome clinic applies principles set forth by the American Academy of Family Physicians to combine medical, psychological and social care to people of all ages (typically scheduling patients age 11 and older) to help them lead long, happy and productive lives.

Dr. McKelvey and the UAMS Down syndrome clinic strives to augment the expertise and services of traditional "one-size fits all" medicine and support busy primary care doctors in the process.  Their ultimate goal is to advance the standard of care through research, teaching and state-of-the-science clinical care for people with inherited genetic conditions.

    See article about Dr. Kent McKelvey and the Genetics/Down Syndrome clinic.

University of Arkansas Medical Sciences
Division of Genetics
4301 West Markham Street, Slot 514
Little Rock, AR 72205

Contact Information:
501-526-4020 (Office)
501-526-4029 (Facsimile)
Contact: Michelle Haygood, Administrative Assistant

Website: Adult Medical Genetics Clinic

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm

Freeway Medical Tower
5800 W. 10th, Suite 605 (6th Floor)
Little Rock, AR  72204

Ages and Area Served:
Ages 10+ for Arkansas and Surrounding States

Focus of Clinic: Specialty medical care, evaluation, therapeutic services, mental health services, education, behavior, registered dietitian

Services of Clinic: Occupational Therapy staff evaluates patients and refers for orthotics, physical therapy and speech, when necessary, registered dietitian counsels each new patient for weight loss/management, gluten free foods. MD/APN refers to behavior specialist, as necessary.

Arkansas Children's Hospital Genetics and Metabolic Clinic

The Genetic and Metabolic Clinic evaluates children and adults with birth defects, inherited conditions, metabolic disorders, developmental delay, mental retardation and autism. Genetic counseling for relatives is also available.

Arkansas Children's Hospital
One Children's Way, Slot 512-22
Little Rock, AR 72202

Contact Information:
501-364-2966 (Office)
501-364-1564 (Facsimile)
Contact: Suzanne Huetter, PNP
Website: Genetics and Metabolic Clinic

Hours of Operation:
All day Monday and Thursday; Wednesday Afternoon and Friday Morning

West Little Rock Pediatric Clinic
16101 Cantrell Road, Suite 114
Little Rock, AR  72223

Ages and Area Served:
Birth to 21 for Arkansas