About Us

The mission of the ADSA is to promote comprehensive community based health care services for individuals in the state of Arkansas who have Down syndrome.

The Arkansas Down Syndrome Association was incorporated in Arkansas in 2004 by a group of parents and others who were seeking more comprehensive health care for their children.  As their children grew into adulthood, these parents recognized that traditional health care services often overlooked the special needs of adults with Down syndrome.  Establishing a health clinic that would serve adults with Down syndrome became the primary goal of the Association.

Having succeeded in it's original goal, the Arkansas Down Syndrome Association now serves its members by increasing awareness of persons with Down syndrome, hosting conferences and events, and providing training opportunities to both families and professionals. Overall, increasing quality of life for persons with Down syndrome is what our organization is all about.


  • To establish a health clinic for adults with Down Syndrome
  • To develop a contact list of persons with Down Syndrome along with their parents or care providers
  • To provide a means of networking for parents and care providers
  • To sponsor an annual educational conference for family and professional caregivers
  • To sponsor an annual dance for persons with Down Syndrome